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"Joe, Searching" - Naoimh Reilly
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The Top 2017 Winning Entries are listed below
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Women Filmmakers:
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Joe, Searching" - Naoimh Reilly
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "D'Arline" - Christina Jobe
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "What's Love Got To Do With It" - Sofia Wellman
Award Of Excellence - "This Is Jack" - Kristi Anderson Ornstein
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "Swaraj Mumkin Hai" - Maya Vishwakarma
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "The Left Foot Club" - Jay Jang
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "A Special Night" - Diana Kaluza
Award Of Merit - "THE MAJOR AFFAIRS (FIRST PART)" - Vanessa Rault
Award Of Merit - "​Obsession" - Cathy Beasley
Award Of Recognition - "Love Until the End" - Tamara Nance
Student Filmmakers:
Award Of Excellence - "RELEVÉ" - Desirée V. Castro
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "D'Arline" - Christina Jobe
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "The Bus Trip" - Sarah Gampel
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "A Scream That's Trapped Inside" - Savvas Christou
Award Of Merit - "Qui-Est Elle?" - Ryan Blitzer
Award Of Merit - "Not This Again" - David Nichols, Jr.
Award Of Recognition - "Mirror" - Sara Eustaquio
Award Of Recognition - "Pieces" - Ryan Blitzer
Short Film:
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Degree of Separation" - Darren Mort
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Fragments" - Raffaello Sasson
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Chasing Titles Vol. 1" - Ryan Egypt
Award Of Excellence - "D'Arline" - Christina Jobe
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "HEXIT" - Brandon Douglas
Award Of Merit - "RELEVÉ" - Desirée V. Castro
Music Video:
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "GOD CAME 'ROUND" - Derek Frey
​Award Of Excellence - "Moscow Tango Dreams" - Alexander Prischepov
Award Of Excellence - "THE MOMENT" - ANTONIO AMIN
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "New Again" - Todd Obernolte
Award Of Merit - "Spring Flower Blossom" - Frank Cheng
Award Of Recognition - "Nineveh's Burning" - Michael Guinn

Music / Songwriting:
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "From The Outside" - Gina Brooklyn
Award Of Excellence - "Dream Inside" - Paul Murray
Award Of Excellence - "New Again" - Maiden Dixie 
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "Nineveh's Burning" - Michael Guinn
Documentary Feature:
Award Of Excellence - "What's Love Got To Do With It" - Sofia Wellman
Christian Film:
Award Of Excellence - "Giving Christmas" - Kerry Everett
Award Of Merit - "A Town Called Redemption" - James Burns
TV Pilot:
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Brian For Hire" - Krishna Ribeiro
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "What Happened at the Rio" - John Dassonville
Experimental Film:
Award Of Merit - "Time Flies" - Fabrizio Notarpietro
Award Of Excellence - "The Bus Trip" - Sarah Gampel
Award Of Recognition - "Cupid is not a terrorist" - bellopropello
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "The Other Side Of The Door" - Ira Farmer
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Faces of the Earth" - Merthan Kortan
Best Director:
Overall Best Director - "Chasing Titles Vol. 1" - Ryan Egypt
Best Director Documentary Short Film - "Joe, Searching" - Naoimh Reilly
​Best Director Women Filmmakers - "What's Love Got To Do With It" - Sofia Wellman
​Best Director Short Film - "RELEVÉ" - Desirée V. Castro
Best Director Student Film - "Mirror" - Sara Eustaquio
Best Director Foreign Film - "THE MAJOR AFFAIRS (FIRST PART)" - Vanessa Rault
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Resurrection Time Conspiracy" - James Carroll
Award Of Outstanding Excellence - "Silver Bill Miner" - Ty Copeman
Award Of Excellence - "My Atari Christmas" - CC Parrish
​Award Of Excellence - "Burden Stone" - William Ray
Award Of Excellence - "THE FOURTH NIGHT" - Mike Briock
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "God Willing" - Fernando Chavez
Award Of Exceptional Merit - "Red Ivory" - Larry Thomas
Award Of Merit - "In the Here and Now" - Bruce Nachsin, Manuel Gutierrez
Award Of Merit - "MOB CHICK/TV SPEC" - Theodore Soderberg
Award Of Merit - "A Heart of a Champion" - Sherri Carlson, Eric Carlson
Best Editing:
Overall Best Editing - "NORWAY Let the Journey be your Goal" - Pasquale Baseotto
Best Editing Christian Film - "Giving Christmas" - Kerry Everett
Best Editing Short Film - "The Reward" - YUNHONG GUO
Best Cinematography:
Best Cinematography - "Chasing Titles Vol. 1" - Ryan Egypt
Humanitarian Award - "Swaraj Mumkin Hai" - Maya Vishwakarma
Best Foreign Film - "Degree of Separation" - Darren Mort